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These aluminum panels are originally from a clothing boutique in Paris. The French have a propensity for re-imagining store interiors to keep up with the mode du jour. Their steady creative output leaves quite a bit of interesting discarded material in its wake. In this case, we snagged a collection of these sinuous, embossed panels from a French market and put them on display in our own store waiting for an imaginative reuse.



In collaboration with design duo Cookie Weber and Kelley Audrain of Inside Job Inc., we designed a monumental wall made of a series of these panels. Our workroom team built a solid oak wooden framework to hold nine panels as an art installation. The panels are rotated within the grid to create movement.


The beams were then waxed to dull the sheen. Because the piece is over 9 feet square when assembled and can’t fit through a door, the frame members completely disassemble. The metal panels are held in grooves in the wood without any adhesive or screws.

The biggest surprise was the warmth of the aluminum. When we found them, the panels were chalky and lightly oxidized. Because they were relatively unreflective, they had a cool, even cold appearance. The homeowners decided they wanted a less industrial feeling so we rubbed each panel carefully with a wet, rough cloth and let them dry. Next we applied English beeswax.

Now installed in the customer’s dining room, the panels subtly reflect the warm light of a chandelier and light from recessed cans along the wall. Remarkably, the burnished grey aluminum now warms, rather than chills the space. Warm aluminum? Anything is possible.

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