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  • Photoset: Armoire

    This French Armoire was purchased at auction in Montpelier, France.  It had been neglected for quite some time and was in want of restoration.

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  • Photoset: Home Office

    Our customer came to us seeking help with a home office. They knew what they needed in terms of function but wanted our assistance in conjuring up the right atmosphere.

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  • Photo: Home Designing 2


    (via Cool H2 Apartments in Athens)


  • Photo: Home Designing


    (via Courtyards)


  • Custom Night Table

    Our first featured project comes to us from the premier Chicago design firm, Semel-Snow. They wanted a set of night stands with unique dimensions, features, and a special surface texture. The solution was to have the night stands designed on CAD and the plans sent to our partners in China to be built. Once the structures were made, they were sent to Chicago for additional work.

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  • Custom Project: Making Art from Ancient Cake Molds

    This framed artwork is made up of Chinese Mooncake Molds. Mooncakes are pastries and typically made of red bean or lotus seed paste. It is offered as a celebratory gift during the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival.
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  • Custom Project: Making a Pair of Display Towers


    A designer came in our store today with a home owner looking for accessories to fill her home. When she saw the tower from China she asked if we could make a custom tower for her, since the one in the store wasn’t for sale. Of course, we said ‘yes.’ This is what we do.

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  • Custom Project: Turning a Grey Table Red




    This piece was custom colored for a client to match a fabric sample provided.

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  • Grid/Art Project

    This is a custom art project constructed of a 6" x 3" panel and made from Colonial-era printer’s trays found in Burma. The piece is integrated with modern wooden blocks- an “antique of the future” hand-crafted in The Golden Triangle’s own workshop. 

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