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Teakwood Carving of an Elephant

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Teakwood Carving of an Elephant

Depicted in lifelike detail with head slightly bowed and trunk tucked, this beautifully hand-carved pachyderm is the work of master carvers in Chiang Mai. Sacred to numerous cultures and countries, elephants are a prominent motif in both traditional and contemporary Asian works of art. In Thai culture these majestic creatures represent good fortune, power and nobility. It is common to see a wooden elephant at the entrance of homes throughout Thailand; the placement is significant with the intent to welcome prosperity and good tidings. An elephant’s posture also has symbolic meaning: a raised trunk is indicative of honor and integrity—a commanding yet dignified stance. An elephant with its head and trunk lowered is endearing and represents humility. An elephant with a gracefully bowed head is intended to convey respect especially when presented as a gift.
Origin | Thailand
Year Made | 21st Century
Material | Teakwood
Dimensions | 6.5"W x 16"D x 8"H
ID | 15T04298
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