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This piece was inspired by Shaka Zulu Fasimba, the greatest of warriors of South African Zulu tribe. Mr. Melancon’s
detail of traditional weapons such as the Iklwa throwing spear and decorated shields and uniforms. The rich African landscape includes
elephants to represent strength, lions to represent majesty and leadership, and a gazelle to represent speed and agility. The primitive
masked figure in the lower center was inspired by an African mask the artist saw at an exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Mr.
Melancon is well known for his meticulous beadwork, use of very small beads, and attention to details often combining various types of
beads (opaque, transparent, matt, metallic) and colors for effect. Glass seed beads (size 11/0) hand sewn on canvas. 50?60 different colors used. Rhinestone, Pleated Velvet, and Marabou Feather.
Origin | United States
Year Made | 21st Century
Material | Glass Seed Beads, Rhinestone, Pleated Velvet, and Marabou Feather
Dimensions | 48" W x 1" D x 38" H
ID | 17S08003
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