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Bras | Coupé

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Bras | Coupé

Suits constructed by many Ninth Ward Tribes utilize flat beaded “patches” which are narrative in nature. There can be
as many as eight patches or more on a suit (depending upon the size of the suit). The primary apron is usually the largest patch, worn on
the front below the waist. This piece tells a a significant 1830’s story of Squire, an enslaved African prince brought from what is today
known as Ghana on Africa’s Golden Coast, who later became known as Bras?Coupé after the police cut his arm off in a hospital after he
was shot and recaptured. He leapt out of the window after the police figured he was too feeble to fight anymore. This suit (“Bras?
Coupé”) consists of the following pieces: (i) crown; (ii) dickie; (iii) front apron; (iv) pair of shoulder pieces; (v) pair of upper forearm
pieces; (vi) pair of inner forearm pieces; (vii) “cabbage” of ostrich plumes in rear.
Origin | United States
Year Made | 21st Century
Material | Glass seed beads (sizes 10/0, 11/0, and 14/0) and rhinestones hand sewn on canvas.60?70 different colors used. Rhinestone, pleated velvet, marabou feather, andostrich plume borders and trim.
Dimensions | " W x " D x " H
ID | 17S08019
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