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Eyes of The Eagle

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Eyes of The Eagle

The rectangular center patch, which was originally designed (already drawn on canvas) for felton Brown, Second Chief
of the White Eagles tribe, was rescued after it had been flooded after hurricane Katrina. After Brown passed away, Demond Melancon
(then Spy Boy of the Seminole Hunters) decided to bead it, thereby completing Felton Brown’s vision while incorporating some of his own
personal touches. The two?mirrored oval patches were created by Demond in 2013 in connection with his debut as a Big Chief. This
entire three?patch apron was worn as rear apron to Demond’s 2013 suit entitled “Spirit of Red Cloud.” Glass seed beads (sizes 10/0 & 11/0) hand sewn on canvas. 30?40 different colors used.Rhinestone, Pleated Velvet, Chandelle Feather, and Marabou Feather.
Origin | United States
Year Made | 21st Century
Material | Glass Seed Beads, Rhinestone, Pleated Velvet, Chandelle Feather, and Marabou Feather
Dimensions | 70" W x 1" D x 50"H
ID | 17S08002
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