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This apron shows the artist’s brother (Mr. Teral Butler) leaning against a tree and looking on as a figure meant to
symbolize a “Big Chief” encouraging the Uptown tribes and Downtown tribes of New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians to come together as a
peaceful nation. The theme of Peacemaker is one of historical and cultural significance in the Black Masking cultures. Peace between
Uptown and Downtown tribes (geographically separated tribes in New Orleans) is an ongoing conversation and debate within the culture
and its participants, and among observers of art. The piece is a well?balanced composition framed by tree on the left, teepees in the
background, and a group of Indians gathered around a smoking fire. Mr. Butler is known for his neat and tight beadwork and innovative
use of rhinestones placed as accents. Glass seed beads (size 10/0) hand sewn on canvas. 20?30 different colors used. Rhinestone, Pleated Velvet, Marabou Feather, and Chandelle Feather.
Origin | United States
Year Made | 21st Century
Material | Glass Seed Beads, Rhinestone, Pleated Velvet, Marabou Feather, and Chandelle Feather
Dimensions | 42" W x 1" D x 39" H
ID | 17S08004
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