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GT Atelier | Design Solutions 

GT ATELIER is a multi-faceted design studio inside The Golden Triangle for creating completely custom design solutions for your home. From discovery to conceptualization, planning to manufacture, and construction to installation, our team will work with you to turn your vision into reality—no matter where you are in the process. Click the button below for the most recent custom design projects on our blog, or scroll down to browse GT ATELIER pieces and our exclusive partners: Modern Industry, LAMOU and Truex American Furniture.

GT Atelier Blog

GT Atelier | Custom Collection

In addition to one-of-a-kind pieces created by our in-house workshop, we are able to offer a myriad of designs through our supplier-partners. Our global network of small-batch producers work by hand, focusing on the details that count to ensure that your finished piece is truly an antique of the future. Get inspired by our online portfolio of customizable GT ATELIER furniture with designs ranging from traditional Chinese and British Colonial to streamline Art Deco.

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Modern Industry

Owned by designer and fabricator Jacob Wener, Modern Industry is a Chicago based furniture manufacturer. With roots deep in the heart of the American Midwest, the shop lives and breathes by one simple ethos: to bring the art of hand craftsmanship back to the world of home furnishings. His contemporary pieces are beautifully crafted out of solid materials such as Walnut, Oak and steel.

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Art making has expanded Ann Clark and Lena Georas’ design sensibilities and has fostered an open approach to architecture. Architecture, art, and design brought the two together after 27 years in the formation of LAMOU; a furniture design company committed to the exploration and implementation of contemporary technology to design and produce one-of-a-kind pieces.

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TRUEX American Furniture

Named in honor of Van Day Truex, the company draws inspiration from American design luminaries of the 1940’s and 1950’s. The Truex line is a reinterpretation of unique pieces by a distinguished group that includes: Billy Baldwin, Frances Elkins, Eleanor Brown, George Stacey, William Pahlmann, and James Amster. Less focused on the individual, Truex has curated a collection of glamorous and sophisticated furniture that most typifies the mindset and lifestyle of the era.

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