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Antique Furniture Care

Wood is an organic substance and each species of wood has its individual characteristic – color, grain, texture and smell.

Every piece of antique furniture is carefully selected. We put appropriate finishes on each piece with the characteristics of the wood in mind, so that the design of the wood and the finish enhance one another and work harmoniously together.


  • 1. Do not use a silicone polish, just dust and rub with a dry soft cloth.
  • 2. Wax and polish periodically with beeswax (once a year is ideal).
  • 3. For more persistent marks:
    • Use warm water with vinegar and rub over with a chamois leather cloth
    • Or us mineral spirits with leather cloth
    • Or use a soap-based product with a leather cloth
    • Re-wax, polish area with mark
  • 4. Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners on your furniture.
  • 5. Light-colored cracks, scratches or gouges may be darkened with wood stain or a maker to make them less noticeable.
  • 6. Call us for more specific advice or to arrange repairs.

General Care and Information

  • 1. Wood is a natural living product and furniture will ‘breathe’ in response to changes in the atmosphere. Therefore, rapid or extreme fluctuations in temperature, humidity or direct sunlight may cause cracking, splitting and warping. The ideal condition for furniture is a stable atmosphere with fluctuations raging between:
    • 40-70% relative humidity (operating a humidifier may help to maintain ambient humidity)
    • 59-77° F (15-25° C)
  • 2. The color may fad or change slightly in strong or direct sunlight.
  • 3. If you leave objects in a permanent position on the furniture, uneven fading may occur.
  • 4. Avoid placing next to radiators, hot air vents, air conditioners and open windows.
  • 5. Carless handling of the furniture may also cause damage.
  • 6. Do not place hot or wet containers directly on the surface of the furniture, as discoloration will occur.
  • 7. Do not allow water to stand on top of the furniture – white spots or rings will form in the finish.
  • 8. If doors will not stay closed or are misaligned, place wooden shims under the front legs of the cabinet as needed.
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