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Southeast Asian Hand-Painted Figural Panel

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Southeast Asian Hand-Painted Figural Panel

This panel depicts scenes from the birth and early life of Buddha—the founder of Buddhism. While he had many previous lives, this depicts his penultimate, or last, ‘final birth’. Born the son of King Shuddhodana, the first depictions shows the appearance of a while elephant which was said to have come to the queen Maha Maya in a dream. The second and third show scenes from the progression of his early life as prince, riding in a horse drawn carriage, followed by his departure from the royal family into the forest. The relief carved wood is hand-painted in beautiful detail using bright, vibrant colors.
Origin | Thailand
Year Made | 20th Century
Material | Teak Wood
Dimensions | 107.5"W x 3"D x 33.5"H
ID | 10T05171
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