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Qing Dynasty Scholar's Table

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Qing Dynasty Scholar's Table

Scholars held a lofty position within pre-communist China’s hierarchical class system. The ability to read and write was a precious commodity enjoyed by a very small section of society--namely, the section of society that could afford the services of a scholar. Scholars were most commonly found in large coastal cities like Beijing and Shanghai. However, there were scholars who taught in remote, rural provinces. They were employed by wealthy landowners, merchants, and members of the aristocracy. Consequently, scholar’s pieces, whether tables or display cabinets, are an especially fine category of Chinese antiques, made with the best of methods and the finest of materials. Scholar’s tables typically feature large surfaces and a height that is comfortable to work at while standing. These proportions could accommodate large scrolls for documents, calligraphy and artwork thus given it the name of a “painting” table. This piece was made with tenon and mortise joinery which makes the piece sturdy and durable. The surface features a beautifully warm aged patina. This table dates to the early Qing Dynasty.
Origin | Shanxi, China
Year Made | Early Qing
Material | Elm Wood
Dimensions | 39.75"W x 26.75"D x 34.25"H
ID | 151728C053
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