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Tang Dynasty Horse

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Tang Dynasty Horse

Tang Dynasty (618-906 A.D.). Horses were powerful symbols of wealth and social position and were often buried in effigy. The horse also had symbolic connotations, for example, fidelity and virtue. This horse was found in Shaanxi province, on the Yellow river basin, in the central part of the old Tang empire. It was made from yellow clay, covered with an alternating red and white slip. This horse is a Central Asian horse, which was the most desirable. The horse is classically Tang --its large neck and musculature indicate great strength while its finely chiseled head suggests intelligence and dignity. It stands foursquare on a clay plate.
Origin | China
Year Made | Tang Dynasty (618 A.D. - 906 A.D.)
Material | Earthenware
Dimensions | 17.5"W x 6"D x 18.25"H
ID | Tang_horse_DVTC1
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