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GT Atelier Square Kang Table

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GT Atelier Square Kang Table

A traditional Kang table is a type of Chinese furniture that serves a dual purpose as both a low table, and a chair-level bed that was sat on during the day. Bulging legs with horse-hoof feet support the convex shaped apron with edge beading that sits just below the waisted square top. Of ideal height, they make wonderfully unique coffee tables—whether paired together or placed individually. These pieces were built using traditional mortise and tenon joinery, as was the classic Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture they are modeled after. Each individual part is precisely carved and angled, creating a complex joint with exact fit that results in both a strong and elegant piece. Only this level of uncompromising craftsmanship can produce furniture that will last for generations. This modern take on timeless design is completely customizable. Please contact us to discuss materials, size, finish, stain, and color options, so we can help craft a piece that perfectly fits your needs. Price reflects a single piece in the measurements listed below.
Origin | Chiang Mai, Thailand
Year Made | 21st Century
Material | Teakwood
Dimensions | 36"W x 36"D x 17"H
ID | GTA0T008
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