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Giltwood Buddhist Apostles

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Giltwood Buddhist Apostles

According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha had two first Chief Disciples, Sāriputta and Moggallāna. Depictions of these apostles are often found alongside Buddha statues on temple altars.

These life-like sculptures are hand-carved from teakwood. Both are depicted kneeling in a worshipful pose. The first, shoulders tilted, gently extends his arms with palms facing down—fingers outstretched. The second is shown with hands clasped together in “Namaskar Mudra”—the gesture of adoration in greeting and prayer. Their highly detailed gilt robes, adorned with mirrored glass, ripple and fold to the contours of their bodies.

Price is for each.
Origin | Burma
Year Made | Early 20th Century
Material | Gold Leaf & Teak Wood
Dimensions | 14"W x 15"D x 19"H
ID | 11T01056
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