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Vintage Reclining Plantation Chair

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Vintage Reclining Plantation Chair

This Indian “plantation chair” was actually an officer’s chair. British military officers reclined on chairs like these before removing their boots after riding. The armrest features a swing-out foot rest that elevated one’s legs to alleviate swollen feet. Once the swelling subsided the boots could be removed. The chair dates to the early 1900's and is made from Teak wood and rattan cane. Caning was ideal, as opposed to cloth upholstery, as it allowed for ventilation. Cloth was also susceptible to mold in the damp climate. The vintage chair has been lightly restored but the chair has been totally replaced according to the traditional pattern. It is sturdy and quite usable.
Origin | India
Year Made | 20th Century
Material | Teak Wood
Dimensions | 28"W x 51.25"D x 35"H
ID | 18T05275
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