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RBS Table | by Steven Haulenbeek

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RBS Table | by Steven Haulenbeek

"RBS Table" by Steven Haulenbeek. Sand Cast & Resin, 2019. On display at The Golden Triangle for our 30th Anniversary Celebration + Global Best. Steven Haulenbeek is an artist and designer from Chicago. His work runs the gamut in scale, material, and process. All exhibit a refined understanding of materials and an aesthetic simplicity. Recently, Steven has received global recognition for his ice cast vessels and his sand cast resin furniture. "While developing my sand carving process of the RBS series I came across the ancient cave dwellings of Guyaju, China. There are more than 110 rooms carved into the side of a solid sandstone mountain. Little is known about the ancient architects but it seems that the process was entirely subtractive. They entered at one point and continued tunneling through the material to expand their dwellings as necessary. This inspired me to think of my sand side tables and other furniture pieces as miniature architectures. Each piece is hand carved from a solid block of bonded sand." - Steven Haulenbeek
Origin | Chicago, Illinois
Year Made | 21st Century
Material | Sand Cast & Resin
Dimensions | 14"W x 14"D x 21.5"H
ID | 19S01003
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